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How can residents help keep Palm Coast clean?


How can residents help keep Palm Coast clean?


How to help at home:

·        Make sure the lid on your trash can is secure.

·        Try to put trash out on the day of collection only.

·        Make sure your recycling bins are not too full allowing contents to spill over.

·        Watch for illegal dumping in your neighborhood or surrounding areas. Illegal dumping is the disposal of waste in unpermitted areas and often takes place in open areas (vacant lots, dead ends, right of ways).

·        Report illegal dumping to the City’s Code Enforcement Department at 386-986-3764.

How to help on the road:

·        Take your food wrappings, drink containers, newspapers, and other potential litter with you and dispose of them in the trash or recycling.

·        Do not throw trash out of the vehicle window. Keep trash bags in the car and then dispose of them when you reach your destination.

Do not keep trash in the back of a pickup truck as it can blow out during travel.


Local groups, private citizens and supervised youth organizations help our community through litter cleanup and other minimal maintenance

Adopt-A-Park (4)

Adopt-A-Trail (12)

Adopt-A-Shoreline (1)

Adopt-A-Road (19)

Adopt-A-Median (53 local streets)


Annual Intracoastal Waterway Cleanup:

Since 2008, volunteers have collected over 20,000 pounds of trash

In 2021, over 250 volunteers participated in the event and collected over 1,750 pounds of trash.


Keep Palm Coast Clean Event:

New in 2021, the Public Works department organized, “Keep Palm Coast Clean –Love Where You Live.” 140 citizens along with some of our employees volunteered to remove trash and debris from the major roadway shoulders. Over 1,305 lbs. of trash was picked up in a two-hour window.