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How often are city garbage cans and bench areas maintained?


How often are city garbage cans and bench areas maintained?


All garbage cans and bench areas are maintained on a weekly basis. 

NE Quadrant (US1-I-95 & Matanzas Woods to Palm Coast Parkway) - April, October

NW Quadrant (I-95 to Toll Plaza & Palm Harbor Parkway to Palm Coast Parkway) – May, November

Palm Harbor Parkway Include: - 4.6 miles – 24,288 Lineal Feet, 29 garbage cans/ 29 Recycle Cans, 15 bench mulch beds

SW Quadrant (Belle Terre South of SR 100, SR 100, Bulldog) - February, August, December

Belle Terre South- 4 Miles of mulch beds measuring 5”x 5,280’-26,400 sq. ft. 162.96 yds. Of mulch.

SE Quadrant (Seminole Woods, Sesame, SR-100, Old Kings Rd) - January, July

           Seminole Woods- 5.0 Miles (26,400 Lineal Feet) 17 garbage cans, 17 recycling cans

           Seminole Woods median mulch beds (7 islands totaling 7,842 linear feet)

Sesame Blvd- 3.0 Miles (Sidewalk Maintenance once sidewalk project is completed) 15,840 Linear Feet

Belle Terre (Belle Terre between Palm Coast Parkway and SR-100, Whiteview, Pine Lakes, Parkview, Rymfire, Royal Palms & Easthampton) – March, September, June

           Belle Terre South- 4 Miles (21,120 Linear Feet)

           Whiteview- 3.6 Miles- (19,008 Linear Feet)

Pine Lakes- 5 Miles- (26,400 Lineal Feet) 16 Garbage Cans, 11 Recycle Cans, 32 Bench mulch beds

           Rymfire: 3.6 Miles- (19,008 Linear Feet)