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How often does the city pick up litter?


How often does the city pick up litter?


The City of Palm Coast picks up litter during routine maintenance, by work orders, or from known areas where litter is a common problem. All Public Works field employees are assigned to remove trash and debris as part of their daily responsibilities.


One full-time employee empties receptacles and picks up debris full-time each week, collecting an average of 45 bags per week along the right of ways and 47 bags per week from our receptacles averaging 1,380 lbs. per week.


These same employees are also tasked with responding to any work orders submitted for roadkill removal. In 2021, the department has responded to over 228 requests for roadkill removal.


During the mowing season, litter is picked up before the crews begin to mow. During the off-season, crews spot-check locations for mowing or litter removal needs but also respond to work orders submitted by City staff or residents.