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What hazardous waste items does Waste Pro pick up?


What hazardous waste items does Waste Pro pick up?


Waste Pro has set guidelines for the City of Palm Coast's Doorstep Hazardous Waste collection. As you gather your items, please note the following accepted:

  • Fluorescent light bulbs: Minimum 1, Maximum 8
  • Used motor oils or antifreeze: Minimum 1 gallon, Maximum 2 gallons
  • Paints and supplies; Pool & Household Chemicals: Minimum 1 gallons, Maximum 4 gallons
  • Household Cleaners; Pesticides & Fertilizers: Minimum 1 item, Maximum 8 items
  • Household Batteries: Minimum 1; Maximum 20

When you call Waste Pro to schedule a pick-up, indicate the exact quantities of your items. Waste Pro limits these quantities because Federal laws regulate the amount of chemicals that a truck can transport. Waste Pro's direct line is 386-586-0800.

Items that are not acceptable for collection are gasoline, ammunition, acids, diesels, kerosene, mercury (or items containing mercury) and radioactive materials.