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What is my trash and recycling schedule?


What is my trash and recycling schedule?


Bulk pick up (furniture / large items) is normally scheduled on your second scheduled pick up day of the week. Construction and demolition material is not considered bulk and will not be picked up by Waste Pro. All residents will need to dispose of this type of material at their own expense.

White goods such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, hot water heaters, etc., place at curbside and allow (3 - 5) days for pick up. Please call Customer Service at 986-2360 to make arrangements.

Yard Waste is picked up each Wednesday throughout the City. Yard waste does not need to be bound, tied or containerized in any manner, however, there is a limit to the amount of yard waste that can be placed at the curb each week. Any yard waste pile that is larger than 2 cubic yards (3' high, by 3' wide, by 6' long), or contains any material that is longer than five feet in length or 6 inches in diameter, will need to be picked by a separate truck. There are additional costs associated with pick-ups of this nature and these costs will be paid directly to WastePro by the resident.

To search for your trash schedule, enter your street name (without your house number) and hit "Find My Schedule". If you are having trouble finding your street try searching without the street suffix (i.e. search for "Rymfire" instead of "Rymfire Drive"). Click here to check your days of pick up: