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What kind of amenities does the Palm Coast Community Center offer?


What kind of amenities does the Palm Coast Community Center offer?


On March 23, 2018, the Palm Coast Community Center opened its doors once again. The expansive renovation, lasting just over a year, tripled the building in size and brought with it a renewed sense of recreation and socialization. The Palm Coast Community Center is the heart of the community and the home for Parks & Recreation. With the additional space and efficient design, we can provide numerous programs for toddlers all the way to seniors. It also features several large rooms available to rent for your meeting, party, wedding, etc. For more information on the available rooms, rental fees, and more, please visit

If you are interested in reserving a room, please visit the Palm Coast Community Center from 8am-6pm during the week and a member of our team can assist you. Staff can give you a room tour and discuss layouts and availability.


Palm Coast Community Center Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday: Closed (except for rentals or Parks & Rec activities/events)

The Community Center park serves as the official trailhead for St. Joe Walkway and will connect you to Linear Park. The Community Center trailhead, playground and basketball courts are open seven days a week until 10 p.m.