Palm Coast City Council Appoints Denise Bevan to City Manager

The Palm Coast City Council voted unanimously at the February 15, 2022 City Council business meeting to appoint Denise Bevan to the role of Palm Coast City Manager. 

The Palm Coast City Council voted unanimously at the February 15, 2022 City Council business meeting to appoint Denise Bevan to the role of Palm Coast City Manager.

As Mayor David Alfin was set to present the next agenda item related to the proposals received for an Executive Search Firm for the City Manager position, he instead passed the gavel to Vice Mayor Branquinho in order for Mayor Alfin to make a motion to appoint Denise Bevan to the role of City Manager permanently.

“Based on too few applicants and a lack of interest by qualified search firms, I’m reversing course on our search for a City Manager. We have a new opportunity to proceed and I will offer the following,” Mayor Alfin began before passing the gavel to Vice Mayor Branquinho. “I’d like to make two motions today. The first is to appoint Denise Bevan to become the City Manager of the City of Palm Coast. And the second is to begin contract negotiations with Ms. Bevan by selecting one member of City Council to work as necessary or needed with the City Attorney and City Clerk to engage in negotiations and bring back a contract to the City Council for its final review and approval.

Council Member Barbosa quickly seconded the motion.

Council Member Danko confirmed with Ms. Bevan that she was interested in the permanent position and then said, “I’m very impressed with your performance lately and I personally want to thank you... You have my support.”

“This is a beautiful thing, hiring within our organization,” Council Member Barbosa added.

Council Member Klufas noted, “I have continued faith in Ms. Bevan’s leadership.”

After a roll call vote by the City Clerk, all Council Members voted affirmatively to solidify the motion, officially making Denise Bevan the City Manager and ending the search.

At the close of the meeting, Vice Mayor Branquinho addressed Ms. Bevan and said, “I would like to, dearly, from the bottom of my heart, congratulate my dear friend… I know how much you love this town and I know that everything you do, you’ll have this town in the back of your mind.”

Following the appointment, Ms. Bevan said, “I appreciate the trust and support from the Mayor and our City Council members to appoint me to this position. I am truly honored. Serving the citizens of Palm Coast and working alongside our incredible team for the past 15 years has allowed me to truly develop a passion to make the City of Palm Coast the best place to enjoy from all facets of life. I’m excited to work alongside my team to continue to provide the highest level of service to our citizens.”

Denise Bevan joined the City of Palm Coast in February 2007 as a Senior Environmental Planner. She was promoted to Chief of Staff over Infrastructure in April 2021. On June 1, 2021, the City Council appointed Ms. Bevan to interim City Manager following the resignation of the prior City Manager.

The City Council meeting is its entirety can be viewed on the City’s website. The portion regarding the City Manager appointment begins at 5:35:51.

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