Palm Coast Named Best City to Retire

Palm Coast has been named the “Best City to Retire in 2022,” according to Retirement Living. 

Palm Coast has been named the “Best City to Retire in 2022,” according to Retirement Living. Finding the best city for retirement requires research and thoroughly weighing personal and financial priorities.

“I think it is a testament to the high quality of life that our residents enjoy in Palm Coast,” City Manager Denise Bevan said. “This is a beautiful place to live, work, go to school, and raise a family, so I’m not at all surprised that retirees would be just as drawn to our beautiful city. We live where people vacation and we’re honored to be recognized as a great place to retire as well.”

Retirement Living explored all cities with a population greater than 80,000 residents to find the 10 best cities to retire to in 2022. Cities were rated for safety, activities, attractions and affordability for those on a fixed income. Palm Coast topped the list at Number One. Average mortgage, sales tax rate, and cost of senior care were also strong metrics for Palm Coast.

According to Retirement Living, “Palm Coast’s population growth is riding on the back of a very healthy local economy. Retail properties range from budget-friendly to upscale stores. Upward trends in residential and commercial properties serve a population with 28% over the age of 65. Aside from shopping and great restaurants, Palm Coast offers golf resorts, fishing, formal garden tours and more.”

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