Social Media Policy

Terms of Use for City Websites and City Social Media Sites

Terms of Use for City Websites and City Social Media Sites

Please be aware that under Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, every response, and submission to this website or a City-managed social media account is a public record and may be posted for as long as the website administrator allows for such item to remain posted.

In order to better serve its residents, the City of Palm Coast (“City”) utilizes user engagement tools and websites, including social media sites, to provide the public with information in more places and more ways than were traditionally available. The purpose of this site is to discuss matters of public interest in and to the City as identified and raised by the City for discussion that is appropriate for citizens that are age 13 and older to read. We encourage you to submit comments that are on topic, but please address your comments to the specific topic(s) discussed. This is a forum limited to the specific topics identified and raised by the City.

If a City's Social Media Site allows for comments to be posted by the public and that feature cannot be turned off, the City reserves the right to edit or remove inappropriate content in a neutral viewpoint manner and based on the criteria listed further below. The City acknowledges that the internet is a 24/7 medium, and comments are welcome at any time. However, the receipt, posting, and moderating of comments and content should only be expected to occur during regular business hours of the City. The City may use filtering options when offered by social media platforms in order to limit the posting of foul or obscene content. The City also reserves the right to turn off the ability of third parties to post or comment, at its discretion. The City does not warrant that City Social Media Sites will be uninterrupted, permanent, or error-free. The City reserves the right to discontinue any or all City Social Media Sites at any time. The City disclaims responsibility and liability to the fullest extent allowed by law for any inappropriate content or posting on any City Social Media Site, City network, or City website.

Users who submit content to this City Social Media Site agree they have read, understand, and agree to the following terms and conditions by virtue of such use:

  1. I am submitting content voluntarily and on my own behalf.
  2. The content I post reflects my own original thoughts or work.
  3. The views and comments expressed on this site only reflect those of the comment’s author, and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the City, its elected and appointed officers and employees, or its departments and agencies. I understand that the City does not review, sponsor, or endorse any other website(s) linked to its website or to City Social Media Sites and that the City is not responsible for and does not guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, appropriateness, or security of any link or external website or its content.
  4. I understand that practical and legal considerations may sometimes constrain, prevent, or prohibit discussion by the City of certain topics, including, but not limited to litigation, pending investigations, and other topics through various media including social media.
  5. I understand that any use of the City Seal or Logo is prohibited without the express written permission of the City.
  6. I understand that the City has the right to re-post or share any content, photos, or videos that I submit on this or other City Social Media Sites.
  7. I have read and understand the Policy, including the right of the City to remove, or archive content as described in the Policy and as may be allowed by law.
  8. I understand that any content I provide may be considered a “public record” under state law.
  9. I understand and agree that unless specifically identified as a resource for receiving requests for information under the state public information laws, City Social Media Sites are not proper vehicles for making requests for public information or public records under state law, and any such requests must be made to the City Clerk.
  10. I understand and agree that my and others’ comments and posts are subject to archiving and that my and others’ comments and posts are subject to removal in whole or in part from this site if my or their comments or posts contain:
  11. Comments not directly on the topic raised for discussion
  12. Obscene, indecent, profane language, pornographic images, or links to sexual content
  13. Direct threats
  14. Defamatory comments
  15. Disparaging personal remarks or acrimony towards another person
  16. Accusations of immoral or illegal conduct
  17. Comments or content which incite or promotes violence;
  18. Content that promotes discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, age, religion, disability, marital status, status with public assistance, or gender identity
  19. The solicitation, promotion, or endorsement of specific commercial services, products, or entities
  20. Links to any site or content posted by automatic software programs (i.e., “bots”)
  21. The promotion or encouragement of illegal activity
  22. Personally identifiable information or sensitive personal information that if released violates federal or state law
  23. The promotion or endorsement of a political campaign or candidate
  24. Information that compromises the public safety or security of the public or security systems
  25. Information that directly interferes or compromises ongoing investigations, public safety tactics, or the safety of public safety officers
  26. Confidential or exempt information in violation of state or federal law
  27. Appears to violate the intellectual property rights of the City or a third party under federal or state law.