City Manager

In a city manager-mayor form of government, a professional city manager, appointed by the city council, handles day-to-day administration and implementation of policies, ensuring efficient governance.

The Council/Manager Form of Government

The council-manager form of local government combines the strong political leadership of elected officials in the form of a council with the strong managerial experience of an appointed local government manager. Approximately 59 percent of U.S. cities with populations of 25,000 or more, and 47 percent of U.S. cities with populations of 5,000 or more have adopted the council-manager form.

Palm Coast is composed of the Mayor and four-member City Council who are responsible for setting policy, approving the budget, determining the tax rate, and formulating broad, long-term policies that outline the City’s public function. The Mayor and Council members are elected at-large for a term of four years and may not serve more than two consecutive four-year terms in the same seat. The City Manager is appointed by the Mayor and Council and implements the policies of the Council, in addition to directing day-to-day operations, preparing the annual budget, overseeing personnel matters, and keeping the Council advised of financial and operational conditions of the City.

Responsibilities of the City Manager's Office

Assistant City Manager Lauren Johnston
Lauren Johnston was appointed to Assistant City Manager for the City of Palm Coast on April 5, 2022. Johnston will advance the City’s strategic action plan process, coordinate interdepartmental planning to continue high levels of service, and align short and long-range capital improvement plans. Johnston had served as Director of Parks and Recreation before being appointed Chief of Staff in 2021. As Chief of Staff, she provided unification, interoperability, and oversight of Parks, Communications, and the Clerk’s Office. In February of 2022, following the appointment of Denise Bevan to the role of City Manager, Johnston took on the added role of integrating day-to-day operations of various additional departments to continue high levels of service to the citizens of Palm Coast.
Chief of Staff Jason DeLorenzo
Jason DeLorenzo was appointed to the position of Chief of Staff for the City of Palm Coast on September 7, 2022. This role will serve as third in command under the City Manager and Assistant City Manager. DeLorenzo’s role is designed to build leadership within the organization while handling the dynamic, day-to-day operations and pace of work of an organization serving a city of over 100,000 residents. DeLorenzo served as Chief Development Officer prior to this promotion. As Chief of Staff, DeLorenzo will continue to oversee the Community Development Department along with the Parks & Recreation Department, the Economic Development Division, and Legislative Priorities, while managing unique projects and initiatives.

Directing day-to-day operations

Preparing the annual budget

Overseeing Personnel Matters

Recommending policies or programs to the City Council

Keeping the council fully advised of the financial and other conditions of the City

Supplying the council with information to aid decision making