City of Palm Coast Logo Request

The City of Palm Coast Logo is a registered official mark protected by the City of Palm Coast, Florida. As noted in City Ordinance 2004-02, the Logo, including any facsimile thereof, is intended for use by authorized agents or officers of the City of Palm Coast in conducting the official business of the City.

Use of the City Logo is limited to vendors or contractors doing business with the City, providing products, services, or reports or vendors or contractors seeking to do business with the City by submitting bids and/or proposals. The logo shall not be used for political or any commercial purposes other than those stated above.

Duplication and use without permission or as providing herein is prohibited by law.

In order to use the City of Palm Coast Logo, other than as provided above or approved by City Council, you must apply for permission in letter form. Your letter must contain the name of your agency/company, legal address of your organization, a contact phone number, and an email address. In addition to your letter of request, you must also include a signed "Acceptance of Terms & Conditions" statement, available for download in PDF format below.

Letters requesting use of the logo and your signed "Acceptance of Terms & Conditions" may be hand-delivered, mailed or faxed to:

City of Palm Coast

Attn: City Manager

160 Lake Avenue

Palm Coast, Florida 32164

(386) 986-3703

You may also email your letter to; however, the letter and acceptance statement must contain a written signature.

If your request is approved, you will be contacted by a City representative by either telephone or email, asking you how you want the logo formatted. If you prefer the logos downloaded on a CD, you can stop by City Hall to pick one up or we can mail it to you. The cost for a CD is approximately $10 payable in advance. We can also email the logos to you in .pdf format if your internet connection will allow. There is no charge for emailing the logo.