The City’s Budget & Procurement Office, under the direction of the Financial Services Director, is responsible for ensuring that all City purchases of goods and services are conducted in accordance with Federal and State laws as well as the City’s purchasing ordinance.

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The City of Palm Coast's new procurement portal enables the City to accept and evaluate bids/proposals electronically. You must be registered on the procurement portal in order to download any solicitation documentation. Register & view public opportunities here:

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Here you can search for vendors who have registered to do business with the City of Palm Coast and are considered active. You can search by their business name, EIN or SSN.

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To look for public records in the city, you can search it though our Public Records search.

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Budget & Procurement Office

Budget & Procurement Office shall operate with the highest degree of integrity and professional ethics. NO CITY OF PALM COAST OFFICIAL OR EMPLOYEE MAY ACCEPT ANY GIFT IN CONNECTION WITH THEIR SERVICE TO OR EMPLOYMENT WITH THE CITY.

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