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The mission of the Palm Coast Historical Society is the collection, preservation, and dissemination of material related to the city of palm coast and its people!

About the Palm Coast Historical Society
The City of Palm Coast Historical Society (PCHS) was formed in 2000 with Margaret Davies and Art Dycke appointed Co-Historians by the first City Council. Their first goals were to immediately start collecting and organizing our history, establish funding resources, and finding a place to live! Twenty years later those goals are still a focus except we’ve found a place to live in Holland Park. Art Dycke continues to shape the Society and is Co-Historian with Elaine Studnicki.
History informs, inspires, and defines us. It opens us to new ideas, offers us new perspectives, and brings us closer to the future we long to create. A look back in history is a lesson in human action and understanding. In our museum, you will take a walk back in time and experience the reasons why Palm Coast was created. You will witness how Florida living appealed to so many people in the icy north and what life was like when they moved here.
Palm Coast's First Historian - Art Dyke
Art Dycke, City Historian, started writing about our good City shortly after being appointed to the position in 2000. Almost all of the history that we know can be contributed to his hard work and research.


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City of Palm Coast Historical Timeline

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A collection of historical photographs from the early days of Palm Coast to today!

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