Community Development

The Community Development Department is a community and customer service-focused department consisting of three main divisions; Planning, Building, and Code Enforcement

The department provides guidance for well-planned growth and regulates development for the protection of the City's natural resources, public health, safety, and welfare.

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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement


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2035 City Comprehensive Plan and Vision Statement

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan documents the City’s overall policy for growth and development. Specifically, the Comprehensive Plan includes goals, objectives, and policies to:

  • Guide future growth and development within the city (such as general location and allowable densities and intensities of land uses)
  • Discourage the proliferation of urban sprawl
  • Protect vital natural resources, such as environmentally sensitive lands and aquifer recharge areas
  • Enhance community character through architectural and design standards
  • Identify needed public services and revenues based on projected population and employment growth
  • Meet community expectations regarding other important issues, such as sidewalks, streetlights, housing types, and other issues.

Vision Statement 

Within the Comprehensive Plan is a Vision Statement created by the citizens of Palm Coast over the course of several public workshops on the Comprehensive Plan. The Vision Statement summarizes the City's ideal future --- a future that focuses on preserving and enhancing the natural environment and quality of life that initially attracted the City's residents.

Palm Coast strives to be a unique and vibrant city recognized for its...

  • Exceptional quality of life
  • Attractive job opportunities, diversified housing, and superbly designed commercial areas
  • Valued natural, recreational, and cultural resources
  • Exemplary public facilities and services
  • Responsible growth and fiscal planning
  • Responsiveness to meeting the diverse needs of the citizens
  • Friendly and welcoming manner towards visitors, residents and businesses

Land Development Code

The City has developed this Unified LDC to implement its Comprehensive Plan and to streamline the development review process. The LDC sets forth regulations, requirements, and procedures governing the use and development of land for the purpose of protecting the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of the City and to enhance the appearance, function, and livability of the City, to the end of improving the overall quality of life within the community.


Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Review Authority, Enforcement, & Procedures

Chapter 3 Zoning, Uses and Dimensional Standards

Chapter 4 Conditions for Limited Specific Uses and Activities

Chapter 5 Transportation, Connectivity, Access and Parking

Chapter 6 - Reserved

Chapter 7 Concurrency Management System

Chapter 8 - Reserved

Chapter 9 Engineering Design and Utilites

Chapter 10 Environmental and Cultural Resource Protection

Chapter 11 Tree Protection, Landscaping, Buffers, and Irrigation

Chapter 12 Signs and Advertising

Chapter 13 Architectural Design Regulations

Chapter 14 Glossary

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