City Clerk

The City Clerk provides an array of services to the public, City Council, City Manager, and staff. The Clerk is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the City Manager. The City Clerk is the qualifying officer for candidates who wish to contend for the office of Mayor and City Council.

The Clerk is the official records custodian of the City’s documents and is the keeper of the City seal for all official City documents.


Easy Resources to keep up to date on what's going on with the city.

Code of Ordinances

Take a look at the city's ordinances. Some activities are prohibited or restricted so stay on top of what changes.

Code of Ordinances


See what elections are currently going on in the city. Get in contact with the City Clerk to apply.


Agenda and Minutes

Find out when meetings will be and what crucial meeting information will be discussed.

Agendas and Minutes

Public Records Search

To look for public records in the city, you can search through our Public Records search here.

Can't Find a Record?

If you can't find a record, you can contact the Records Custodian or visit City Hall at 160 Lake Ave, Palm Coast, FL 32164. If your request for information can be sent to you via email and takes less than 20 minutes to prepare, there is no charge. For requests that require printed paper copies, 19 pages or less are free. For documents 20 pages or more, there is a 15¢ fee per page. For large-format plans and maps (36" x 48") there is a $5.00 fee per plan/map, since they must be sent out to a commercial printer.

The City Clerk is the Records Custodian.

By law, we cannot require that you give us your name, phone number, address, or any other personal information when requesting a record and we will not ask for a reason to obtain records. If you do not wish to give any personal information, in these circumstances you can simply contact City Hall either by phone or in-person to see if your request has been completed.

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Please note, in accordance with Section 119.07, Florida Statutes, if the nature or volume of the public records requested to be inspected or copied requires extensive use of information technology resources and/or clerical or supervisory assistance by City personnel, a reasonable service charge, in addition to the actual cost of duplication, will be charged to the requestor. The service charge will be based on the cost actually incurred by the City as defined by law, for such extensive use of information technology resources or personnel.