Palm Coast Progress

Stay connected with the latest efforts to preserve and enhance our city and discover how we're safeguarding the character of our community while embracing future advancements, from critical infrastructure maintenance to thoughtful urban revitalization.

Preserving and Enhancing Our City
Stay connected and informed about the latest efforts to preserve and enhance our city. From undertaking critical infrastructure maintenance that ensures the reliability and safety of our city's foundational services, to engaging in thoughtful urban revitalization projects that rejuvenate our neighborhoods and business districts, our initiatives are designed to balance heritage with progress. Learn more about how these developments are shaping a resilient and vibrant future for all residents by clicking below.

Fire Projects

Stay informed on our latest initiatives to strengthen Palm Coast's emergency services. We're committed to preserving the integrity of our Fire Department while preparing for the future through modernizing fire stations and enhancing training facilities. Track our developments as we work to ensure a safer, more resilient Palm Coast.

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Roadway Projects

Stay connected with Palm Coast's roadway improvements! We're dedicated to preserving the quality of your daily travel while preparing for a better future. From widening roads to enhancing intersections, our projects are designed to improve your commuting experience. Follow our progress as we strive to ensure safer, more efficient travels.

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Parks & Recreation Projects

Stay informed about our ongoing efforts to preserve and enhance Palm Coast's parks and recreation facilities! From refreshing existing playgrounds to constructing new amenities, we're committed to enriching your experience while maintaining the charm and functionality of our community spaces.

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Utility Projects

Stay updated on the enhancements within the Palm Coast Utility Department. We're focused on preserving our existing infrastructure while preparing for the future by upgrading water treatment plants and improving sewer systems. Keep track of our progress as we work to provide more reliable and sustainable utility services.

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Stormwater Projects

Stay connected as your Stormwater and Engineering department diligently works to preserve and enhance our infrastructure. These enhancements are crucial in ensuring that our city can effectively manage rainfall and prevent flooding, thereby safeguarding our homes and businesses.

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