Southern Recreation Center

The Southern Recreation Center is Palm Coast's newest recreation amenity. It offers 10 tennis courts, 12 pickleball courts, recreational programming, restaurant space, and more.

The current status of the Southern Recreation Center is :

Facility : Open

Pickleball Courts : Open

Tennis Courts : Open



Pro Shop




Locker Rooms

The Southern Recreation Center (SRC) provides recreational tennis and pickleball courts, community programming space, and room rentals. The Palm Coast Tennis Center has provided our local community and visiting players with various tennis programs, events, and league play on their ten har-tru clay court for over a decade.

The facility has hosted numerous Pro Tennis Tournaments, including the Palm Coast Open, Junior USTA tournaments, the Palm Coast & Flagler Beaches Senior Games, and other local league play. 

The Southern Recreation Center now boasts six covered and six uncovered pickleball courts for open, league, and tournament play. It also offers a food and beverage space, locker rooms, two multi-purpose rooms, and administrative offices. The SRC is adjacent to the Lehigh Trailhead, offering convenient access to our connected trails.

An on-site restaurant provides great options for our players and spectators alike. Redefined Food Co. at the Southern Recreation Center opening in March 2024, offering a grab-and-go menu with breakfast options, handhelds, smoothies, and more. A full bar is available with indoor and outdoor seating. 

Serve, dink, and volley on the Southern Recreation Center's twelve brand-new SportsMaster Pro Cushion pickleball courts. The facility offers six covered and six uncovered outdoor courts, perfect for any playing level, from beginners to pros. The facility offers court times, instructional programs, tournaments, and open play.
The Southern Recreation Center features ten har-tru clay courts with professional lighting for night play. From novice to elite players, the facility offers court times, daily match settings, instructional clinic options, workouts, private and group lessons, hitting sessions, and a robust junior program.

The Southern Recreation Center is the new home for amateur and professional pickleball and tennis tournaments. 

Pickleball Tournaments


The City of Palm Coast hosted its first pickleball tournament in January 2021, and it's only grown in popularity. Our tournaments feature men's and women's singles and doubles, and mixed doubles play for players at or below a 4.0 playing level.  Tournaments are played in a

 double-elimination style. The Southern Recreation Center is available for amateur and professional pickleball tournaments. 


Tennis Tournaments


The Palm Coast Tennis Center has hosted numerous professional tennis tournaments, including the Palm Coast Open, Junior USTA tournaments, the Palm Coast & Flagler Beaches Senior Games Qualifiers, and other local league play. The Southern Recreation Center is proud to welcome back the Palm Coast Open: A USTA Pro Circuit Event. The tournament is an M15 Men's Tournament, meaning that male players from across the world can compete for a total of $15,000 in prize money. 

Single Annual Membership$250$550$650
Junior Annual Membership$100$175$225
Monthly Annual Membership$25$50$70
Limited Monthly Membership$15$30$40
Punch Pass$60/10 visits$100/10 visits$150/20 visits
Daily Visit$7$12N/A







Court Reservations
Members may reserve courts up to seven days in advance.
Non-members may reserve courts up to three days in advance. 

Annual Pass Benefits

  • No court fees
  • Court reservations up to 7 days in advance
  • League play
  • Discounts on lessons, clinics, ball machine rentals, racquet stringing, and pro shop merchandise
  • Access to special events and promotions
  • Complimentary access to the Palm Coast Aquatics Center

Elliot James.jpg

Elliot James

Elliot is from New York and has played tennis for over 50 years. After retiring in 2011, he moved to Palm Coast and has taught at the Tennis Center since 2021. Previously working with organizations such as the International Tennis Performance Association and the Titleist Performance Institute, his approach to instruction involves a strong focus on the biomechanics of tennis. Elliot is a member of the USPTA and is a PTR-certified tennis teaching professional.         

Joe Nicholson.jpg

Joe Nicholson

Joe has been a tennis player and instructor for over 30 years. He moved to Florida in 1989 from North Carolina, where he earned his degree in business administration from Wake Forest University. He developed his tennis skills in West Palm Beach while working alongside several world-class players before joining the Palm Coast Tennis Center staff in 2021. Joe is a PTR-certified tennis teaching professional and a PPR-certified pickleball instructor.         

Jojo Trinkle.JPG

Jojo Trinkle

Jojo started with the City of Palm Coast in 2012 and has worked as a camp counselor, facility clerk, and sports field maintenance. He currently works as our Athletics Specialist, overseeing our athletics programs, including pickleball. As a child, he was always an athlete, playing football, soccer, baseball, and his first love, basketball, representing his school at the state level. You can regularly find him coaching his three children in their various youth sports programs. Jojo's work with the pickleball community has been extensive, including introducing our popular tournaments. He is an IPTPA-certified level 1 pickleball instructor overseeing our popular Beginner's Pickleball program.      

Jorika Steyn.jpg

Jorika Stein

Jorika is from South Africa and has a background in elementary education. Before coming to Palm Coast, she worked as a tennis pro in New Jersey. Jorika served as a ten-and-under tennis coordinator in Flanders, New Jersey, for one of the largest private tennis companies in the country. Jorika is a PTR-certified tennis teaching professional.      

Laura Dwojewski.jpg

Laura Dwojeski

Laura has played tennis for over 30 years and became an instructor in 2018. She moved to Palm Coast from Chester, New Jersey, before joining the Tennis Center in 2021. During her first year, she supervised the Jr. Round Robins and the Men’s Professional Tournament in February. Laura has run all levels of Junior tournaments for the USTA for the last 15 years, including 2 National Championship level events at the USTA National Campus in Lake Nona, FL.     

Ralph Tozzi.jpg

Ralph Tozzi

Ralph previously coached tennis part-time in Woodstock, Georgia, before coming to Palm Coast in 2020. He has been playing for over 50 years and has competed in tournaments across the East Coast while holding positions as a college instructor. His strength is working with a diverse range of tennis players from all levels with varying skill sets. Ralph is a PTR-certified tennis teaching professional.    

Sky Buck.jpg

Sky Buck

Sky joined the Parks & Recreation Department in 2018 as a recreation leader and is currently a part-time tennis instructor. She is originally from California and has been playing tennis since the age of 11. Her bachelor’s degree is in Child Psychology, with a minor in Professional Education. Sky is working towards earning her PTR certification for tennis instruction.    

Vanessa Nikolov.jpg

Vanessa Nikolov

Vanessa was born and raised in South Florida and began playing tennis at six. Before instructing in Palm Coast, she coached at the Deerfield Beach Tennis Center in Broward County. She has competed at all junior USTA-level tournaments. Vanessa is a PTR-certified tennis teaching professional and a PPR-certified pickleball instructor.

Patrons must adhere to the rules and regulations stated below to use the Southern Recreation Center so that all may enjoy playing in a safe and friendly facility.

All players must check in at the Southern Recreation Center welcome desk before proceeding to the court.

Court Fees 
Fees must be paid in advance of taking the court.

Court Reservations
Standard reservations are one and a half (1 ½) hours in duration for tennis and one (1) hour for pickleball starting at 8 am on the hour-and-a-half interval. 

  • Reservations are made by calling the Southern Recreation Center, in person, or online.
  • Passholders may reserve a court seven (7) days in advance.
  • The general public may reserve a court up to three (3) days in advance.
  • Players with a Punch Card may reserve a court up to three (3) days in advance.

Punch Card 
Purchasing a Punch Card is optional and is not a membership or requirement to play. With a Punch Card, players enjoy the benefits and convenience of reserving courts up to three (3) days in advance, online court reservations, and outdoor court time at no charge.

  • Failure to pay the balance due will result in a loss of ability to make future reservations or program sign-ups until payment is made.
  • Late cancellations or no-shows will be charged the full price of the court(s).

Tennis & Pickleball Instruction 
City of Palm Coast tennis and pickleball Instructors are only authorized and allowed to provide tennis instruction, private lessons, and clinics at the City-owned courts and facilities.

Court Etiquette 
Players must be courteous to other players and facility staff.

  • Do not enter the court area before your reserved time, and allow players to finish the point in progress.
  • Leave your court when time expires, i.e., do not hang around and talk as new players begin to play.
  • When taking your assigned courts, do not walk across adjacent courts when possible.
  • Players are expected to return stray balls to the correct courts immediately.
  • No music, animals, or dogs are allowed on the grounds, courts, or inside the tennis centers.
  • Turn down cell phones and devices while playing on the court or watching.
  • All players must clean debris and remove personal items from the court at the conclusion of play.

Disruptive Behavior 
The deliberate hitting of balls on fences, windscreens, and light fixtures is prohibited. No profanity, racquet or paddle throwing, spitting, loud noises, or hitting racquet/paddle on court surfaces, nets, or backdrop windscreens will be tolerated.

USTA and USA Pickleball Code of Conduct
Players and spectators are expected to follow the USTA and USA Pickleball Code of Conduct; if anyone behaves disrespectfully toward others at any time, they may be asked to leave the facility.

All players must wear proper attire and shoes. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.

Alcoholic Drinks
No alcoholic beverages or glass containers on the courts.

No Smoking
City of Palm Coast facilities are non-smoking.

Not Permitted
The consumption, possession, or distribution of any controlled substance is prohibited on the premises at any time. No firearms are permitted on the premises at any time.

Southern Recreation Center Closings 
The Southern Recreation Center, at its discretion, may close or cancel scheduled activities, reservations, programs, lessons, and clinics for inclement weather, player safety, maintenance, special events, and tournaments.

Loss or Damage of Personal Property 
The City of Palm Coast and the Southern Recreation Center staff are NOT responsible for the loss or damage of personal property on the courts, the facility, and the surrounding premises.

Dispute Resolution 
The Southern Recreation Center staff have the final decision regarding all dispute resolution. Failure to observe the above rules and regulations may result in an immediate stoppage of play and possible removal from the Southern Recreation Center or being banned from future use of facilities.

When lightning is detected within the area, everyone must immediately seek shelter in the building, or their automobiles. The pavilion, shade covers, and covered courts are not safe during lightning. An announcement will be made to evacuate the mentioned areas, and it's essential to wait for an all-clear announcement before returning outside. NOAA advises that we should not return to our outside spaces until 30 minutes after the last lightning flash within the 10-mile zone. Play may not occur under the covered courts when it is lightning in the area.

When raining, play should stop immediately on any uncovered courts to prevent slipping. The covered courts (pickleball) are protected from rain when it falls straight down, allowing play to continue without any issues. However, when the rain is driven sideways by strong winds, some of the covered courts may get wet and become unsuitable for play. We have curtains as well on those courts to help protect the courts.

Cancelled Programs 
If a program is cancelled, a make up or credit will be added to the account.


  • Every passholder, visitor & employee will respect all others while utilizing the facility. All users are required to conduct themselves in a manner that does not interfere with another person’s enjoyment of the facility.
  • Every passholder and visitor will adhere to any directions given by an employee of the Southern Recreation Center when it comes to openings, closures, and safety.
  • Every passholder must scan in at the front desk upon arrival. Non-Members using the facility must check-in with the front desk staff while visiting or using the facility.
  • Every passholder, visitor and employee is required to demonstrate good sportsmanship and appropriate behavior at all times. Fighting, spitting, profanity, and/or abusive, insulting or obscene language is prohibited.
  • Parents and guardians will directly supervise their children in the facility. Unless in a registered drop off program, youth younger than 13 years old are not permitted in the facility without an accompanying adult. Parent and Guardians will take full responsibility of anything broken.
  • Southern Recreation Center is an illegal drug and tobacco free facility. All illegal drugs, vaping and tobacco products are prohibited.
  • Alcohol purchased outside the facility is strictly prohibited. Alcohol can be bought and consumed while at the facility.
  • No glass is permitted near the courts.
  • Passholders, visitors and employees will responsibly secure their own personal belongings. The Southern Recreation Center is not liable for any lost items.
  • All music being played by a personal device must be played at a volume that does not interfere with play on other courts.
  • Passholders and visitors utilize the facility at their own risk.

Pickleball/Tennis Players

  • Players shall wear appropriate shoes to protect the playing surface. All passholders and visitors must wear appropriate attire. Undergarments are not considered appropriate. Shirts are always required while playing.
  • Players shall treat individuals with respect regardless of their skill, age, gender, race or background.
  • Players shall practice fair play by following all guidelines governed by USTA and USA Pickleball
  • Players shall refrain from any profanity, harassment, derogatory language or/and gestures.
  • Players shall promptly report any incidents, accidents, or concerns to the facility staff or management
  • Players shall prioritize safety by adhering to the facility rules and guidelines. Any safety concerns shall be welcomed by staff
  • Players shall use well maintained equipment while using the facility.
  • Players shall help maintain courts after play by picking up trash, brushing courts (clay courts) and/or wiping down benches
  • Players shall not distract or interfere with other matches on other courts. To retrieve a ball from another court, the player must wait till play is dead and ask for permission.
  • Players shall promote the growth of each sport by welcoming new players and community support.


1290 Belle Terre Parkway
Palm Coast, FL 32164

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 8am-9pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-2pm
Hours of operation depend on daily weather conditions and are subject to change without notice.

Southern Recreation Center
Parks & Recreation

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