Green Building

The Green Building guidelines are an efficient way to limit energy consumption.

A Green Building...

is durable and maintainable with minimal environmental impact

operates energy efficiently

conserves water

is comfortable, safe and healthy

Why Build Green?

Florida's per-household consumption of electricity is among the highest in the United States, largely because the State's hot and humid weather drives up electricity demand for air-conditioning.

Since Florida builds an average of 160,000 new homes each year, and Census Bureau data reveals that Florida will rank third in terms of population in 2010, the construction of energy-efficient buildings alone would significantly reduce Florida's energy consumption. So why else should you build green?

Maintenance & Operations

Streamlining cleaning and maintenance in commercial buildings can lead to improved occupant health, better building durability, and financial benefits, which include:

15-30% savings on cleaning costs

35% energy savings

20-60% water savings

Did you know you can get a rebate or incentive for "Going Green"?

Florida Power and Light offer these incentives and rebates if you "Go Green". They will review house plans, provide information and advice on the energy efficiency of the home, calculate future energy savings, inspections, and certifications. Contact Florida Power and Light for information (800) 342-5375.

A/C Duct Tests

rebates up to $154 per central A/C system for single-family detached homes; up to $60 for multi-family, single-family attached homes, manufactured and mobile homes

AC System

rebate off the purchase price of central A/C unit based on the efficiency rating and size of your new system

PV Installation

rebates calculated at $4.00 per rated watt; maximum rebate of $20,000 of installation

Roofing and Ceiling

rebates up to .11 cents per square foot

Solar Pool Heaters

rebates up to $100.00

Solar Water Heating

rebate up to $500.00

Green Building Incentive Program

What is the Green Building Incentive Program?

The City recognizes that achieving a truly sustainable community rests heavily on public endeavors through everyday practices and private enterprise. According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), construction and demolition debris accounts for almost 25% of the State's total Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) stream. In addition, it has been shown through a multitude of studies how building practices and appliance choices can significantly reduce waste and energy consumption. With these principles in mind, City Council adopted Ordinance 2009-22 which created the Green Development Incentive Program. On December 3, 2013 City Council amended the Ordinance (2013-13) and reaffirmed the program by budgeting $10,000 for program incentive reimbursement budget. The City of Palm Coast has embraced existing green certification standards to administer and to measure Program criteria. Such standards include those published by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Green Building Initiative (GBI) Green Globes rating system, Green Lodging, Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) standard(s), Florida Friendly Landscaping, Florida Water Star, or standards or elements thereof. Please note that the Florida Building Code's minimum standards and the Unified Land Development Code (Ordinance No. 2008-16) supersedes in event of conflict with program standard(s).

What types of projects are eligible for the Green Building Incentive Program?

Private construction activities that includes the following:

  • New residential construction
  • Residential retrofitting/remodeling
  • New commercial/non-residential construction; and
  • Existing commercial/non-residential construction

What types of incentives are construction-based within the GBIP?

  • Permit Fee: Applicants participating within the Green Building Incentive Program shall receive $300.00 reimbursement for single-family residential and $1,000 for commercial development upon receipt of certification. This fee reduction shall not apply to re-inspection fees.
  • Utility Impact Fee: Upon receipt of the St Johns River Water Management District Florida Water Star Certification the Utility Division of the Palm Coast Public Works Department will reimburse 20% of the Capital Facility Fee to the Certificate holder's residential account. Reimbursement of 20% Capital Facility Fee for commercial construction projects to the Certificate holder's account.
  • Fast Tracking: Projects participating in the Green Development Program shall be given priority over projects which are not Program projects during site plan review, submitted or resubmitted for review. If projects participate in this incentive, the Applicant shall provide proof of green certification to the City within 180 days of construction completion, as defined by Certificate of Occupancy issue date.
  • Certification: The City will provide one optional and no-cost certification service per Applicant specific to the FGBC standards for a new home and new commercial building.
  • Recognition: The City will promote the Program Project through recognition on the City web site or by other additional means such as the "Go Green" award.

Who should I contact for additional questions?

  • Building Services
  • Utility Division
  • Planning Divison

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