PA-1 Surface Water Control Structure

Located across from Mother Seaton Catholic Church at the intersection of Pine Lakes Pkwy and Belle Terre Pkwy. Displays the water level for the Parkview Stream which begins at US-1 along Palm Coast Pkwy and flows SE until it crosses Belle Terre Pkwy, and the Wynnfield Channel which flows SW through the W-Section until it ends at Pine Lakes Pkwy between Westbury Ln. and Westgrill Dr.

PA-1 Surface Water Control Structure

Shown below is the water level for PA-1 Surface Water Control Structure for the past 24 hours. The blue line represents the Designed Normal Water Level which is 22.0 feet, while the red line represents the Designed High Water Level at 25.0 feet.


Shown below is the rainfall for this location for the past several days.

Weekly Rainfall Total: inches