Garage Sale

Garage sales shall be limited to two times in a calendar year, for a maximum of two consecutive days in each period. The limitation of two times a year applies to the location of the garage sale. Garage sales shall be held only between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm. Only one sign not exceeding four square feet in size shall be displayed on premises where a sale is being executed.

Garage Sale Address Search

To begin your garage sale registration, find your address below. Type part of your address (for example, "Red Barn" will pull up all houses for Red Barn Drive) to find it and click on the correct address for your house. Most street suffixes are abbreviated (ex. Dr instead of Drive).

A single-sheet printable garage sale sign for a registered garage sale will be attached to a confirmation email after you finish registering. If you prefer a larger sign, this is an alternative provided.

This is a large multi-sheet printable garage sale sign for a registered garage sale. It is formatted to be 9 sheets of paper when printed out to advertise the sale. Within the PDF file are instructions on how to print the multi-sheet large sign.