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Ditch Maintenance


When will my ditch be cleaned?


Our level of service for drainage ditches maintained by the city is a three-step program. First, every six months each ditch is scheduled to be inspected and mowed. Second, each ditch then receives an herbicide application (where needed) that also occurs every six months. These two programs are designed to work cooperatively so that the herbicide application generally occurs within 60 days after mowing in order to minimize the amount of unsightly dead vegetation. Mowing and herbicide application widths vary greatly due to the design of each individual ditch but the priority is to create a clear ditch bottom that is free of debris and overgrowth. This helps maximize the speed of stormwater flow and the capacity for each ditch.

Sometimes there is more advanced grading and debris removal work that needs to be done with heavy equipment. Our department retains skilled equipment operators and unique mission-specific heavy equipment to engage in this work, which is the third and final step in our ditch maintenance program. This crew rotates around the city on a six month rotation and performs as much ditch improvement work as they can in each section of the city before moving on to the next. They also perform ditch rehabilitation projects identified by our engineering division which restores damaged ditches to their original or improved design.

If a resident is concerned about the condition of their ditch they may submit a Palm Coast Connect ticket at or call Customer Service at 386-986-2360. A Stormwater representative will inspect the ditch and present a solution for improvement if necessary. If it is determined that work is needed we will address the situation as quickly as possible within our scheduled six month rotation period.