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Do I need a permit for an above-ground pool?


Do I need a permit for an above-ground pool?


Permits are required for most kinds of homeowner building projects. There are many different kinds of permits specific to the type of project.

Some common permits include: above-ground pools, fencing and plumbing. The requirements and applications for these permits and many others are available here:


For example, above ground pools:

  • Must have a removable or lockable ladder
  • Fence gate must swing outward
  • Fence latch must be 54 inches from the bottom of the gate and the opening device must be on the inside of the gate.
  • GFCI protection outlets are required and must be minimum 10 feet from the inside wall of pool.
  • Pump connection to the GFCI outlet must be through the approved cord that comes with the pump.
  • No extension cords are permitted.
  • Pools under 48 inches must have alarms and windows within fenced area that have access to the pool and meet the requirements above.

To apply for the permit, the following is Permit application (see link above)

  • Manufacturer’s specifications (booklet provided at time of purchase)
  • Site plans/survey - include all existing and proposed structures and setbacks to property lines. Check our files -
  • Landscape plan (may be included on the site plan)
  • Proof of property ownership - recorded deed or property appraisers office printout
  • Owner affidavit
  • Notice of commencement (certified copy) this is required for any improvements to your property greater than $2,500.The notice of commencement is to be filled out, and recorded with the Flagler County Clerk’s Office in Bunnell. It is not required at the time of permit issuance, but will be required prior to any inspections.