Water Tips

Conserving water not only helps the environment, but it can also help you save money on your monthly bill. Check below so you can learn helpful tips on how you can conserve water and save money on your utility bill.

Why is Water Conservation Important?

Water Conservation should be something that is at the very front of everyone's minds. Not only because it can help save the environment but because it can also save you money. By making just a few easy changes, you can both conserve water and drastically reduce your home's water bill over time.

Detecting Leaks Can Save Water and Money!

Checking for leaks in your irrigation system and home plumbing systems can save valuable water and prevent serious damage to your home and your wallet. The City of Palm Coast Utility Department recommends homeowners do routine inspections of their home irrigation and plumbing to catch leaks before they become bigger problems.

Water Conservation Videos

Understanding Your Utility Bill
Understanding your utility bill and going over it carefully each month is a great way to notice an opportunity to be more conservative with your water use or indicate a leak occurring at your home. Learn more about your water bill by clicking the link below!

What are Water Bib Locks?
Water theft, especially in newly developed residential areas, is a major problem because it can end up costing you hundreds of dollars. Water Bib Locks are a great way to prevent water theft. Learn more about them by clicking the link below!

Check for Irrigation Leaks!
An irrigation leak that is detected early can save not only valuable after but also avoid serious water damage to your property and your wallet. Learn more about how to detect a leak in your irrigation system by clicking the link below!

Detecting Toilet Leaks
Toilet leaks can go unnoticed for months and during that time serious damage can be done to your home and your wallet. There are multiple ways to detect toilet leaks within your home. Find out how by clicking the link below!

Detecting Sink Leaks
When it comes to having a properly maintained plumbing system, there are a lot of seemingly small and inconspicuous problems that can transform into much bigger and costly ones. Find out how to detect leaks in your faucet by clicking the link below!

Sewer Cleanout Caps
Did you know that most properties in Palm Coast have two sewer cleanout caps? While these small caps may seem insignificant on the surface, the vertical pipes beneath connect directly to your residence's sewer output. Home maintenance, lawn work or general wear and tear can loosen, remove, or crack these caps. When this occurs, it's important to reattach or replace the cap immediately to prevent any backup or damage due to debris, insect/small animal intrusion, or excess water from rain and irrigation systems.

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