Wastewater Treatment Plant #1

Wastewater Treatment Plant #1, located at 26 Utility Drive, was the first plant built in the late 1970s by ITT Corporation in Palm Coast. Wastewater Treatment Plant #1 receives most of the domestic and commercial streamflow south of Palm Coast Parkway and east of I-95.

 Wastewater Treatment Plant #1 is an extended aeration process with a headworks master pump station, screening equipment, three oxidation basins, six primary clarifiers, and two chlorine contact chambers used for disinfection.  The waste sludge is stored in aerated digesters, processed, and dewatered by centrifuge,  and hauled away to be used in a composting facility owned by others.

Final processed effluent is filtered and stored in an onsite 6MG ground storage tank before entering the reuse water distribution system used for irrigation of residential and commercial properties and three golf courses.  Excess effluent is transferred to a series of rapid infiltration basins (RIBS) which are offsite storage ponds, then during extreme wet weather events a limited wet weather discharge into the Intracoastal Waterway is utilized.  The future for this facility is to expand to 9.1MGD and convert a portion or all the facility to Advanced Treatment.  Upgrades to existing biosolids dewatering, plant aeration, and auxiliary generator are currently underway.

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