Wastewater Treatment Plant #2

Wastewater Treatment Plant #2 is located at 400 Peavey Grade. This facility was constructed and placed online in 2018.

Wastewater Treatment Plant #2 is an Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility (AWT).  This facility uses Nanofiltration membranes like the same process used in water treatment.  This is the latest technology used in the treatment of wastewater as it produces effluent quality that meets drinking water standards, allows more effluent disposal opportunities to benefit the environment is less labor-intensive equating to a smaller staff, and needs a much smaller footprint to construct, therefore needing less land.;

This process only has one main process tank that houses the influent holding tank, the toxic and anoxic tanks, and the membrane cassettes.  One chlorine contact chamber for disinfection, sludge holding tanks, and a three-stage belt press for dewatering.  Final effluent is placed into the reclaimed water distribution system and used for domestic and commercial irrigation in all the new developments north and west of the treatment plant and supplements the demand at Wastewater Treatment Plant #1.  This plant has a limited wet weather discharge to the Hewlett Branch wetland area in times of extreme wet weather and in irrigation system along US-1 capable of discharging IMGD as needed.

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