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How can I lower my water bill?


How can I lower my water bill?


If your water bill is showing unusually high consumption, you may want to check for a leak. A leaky toilet, faucet or underground pipe can cause drastic changes in your water bill. First, start by checking for leaks around the house (toilets, sinks, outside spigots, etc.). If no leaks are noticed around the house, you may want to check for an underground pipe leak.

To do that, make sure ALL water in your house is off. Make sure your hot water heater isn't filling up, the washing machine and dishwasher are both off, outside spigots are off, etc. Once you have made sure there is no water running at your residence, locate your water meter. Your water meter is equipped with a small triangular dial (usually red) that shows when water is being used. If all the water at your residence is turned off, and that small triangular dial is spinning, it is an indicator that you may have a leak. In that situation, you may want to contact a plumber or the Utility Department to get assistance from a trained technician. You can submit a palm coast connect case.

If the dial is not spinning and you don't suspect a leak, there may be other reasons why your water bill is unusually high. Guests staying at your house can cause water usage to rise, as well as activities such as filling a pool, kids playing outside in the water, grass watering, or pressure washing. People have also had water stolen from them through the outside spigots of their home. If you suspect that someone has been stealing water from you, you can purchase a spigot lock from a local hardware retailer.