District 1 Council Member

Ed Danko

Council Member Ed Danko was elected to serve a second term on the Palm Coast City Council in 2020, representing constituents from the City’s District #1.

Term : 2020-2024

Ed Danko has been elected to serve on the Palm Coast City Council for District #1. He is a former television network news producer/editor. He also is a Navy veteran who still serves as an Officer in the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. Council Member Danko is an association member of the Palm Coast Fraternal Order of Police and served two terms as a volunteer firefighter. He is a member of the Flagler County Republican Club and Kiwanis Club and he’s on the Board of Directors for the Trump Club.

The most important thing that Council Member Danko wants Palm Coast to know about him is that “he would rather drink anti - freeze than raise their taxes.”

Ed Danko
Council Member - District 1