Storm Preparedness

Hurricanes occasionally come through Palm Coast. Because these super storms form well away from land there is usually sufficient time to prepare for the arrival of a hurricane. Don't wait! Begin prepping for a hurricane today!

Hurricane Supply Check List

Before the storm hits, gather supplies that you may need by using this downloadable checklist.

Home Preparation Check List

Prepare your home for the storm by using this downloadable checklist!

Hurricane Category Fact Sheet

The category of a hurricane allows us to prepare effectively for potential wind damage.Pay attention to the category of the storm and plan accordingly!

Emergency Numbers to Know

Emergency numbers that you need to know.

Evacuation Zones

In the event of a major storm, the City of Palm Coast may issue an evacuation order for your home's evacuation zone. Find out your evacuation zone today!

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Weather Radar

Don't go outside to check the weather during a storm! Take a look at LIVE weather radar for Palm Coast and Flagler County by visiting the link below!

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ALERTPalmCoast is a no-cost service that provides palm coast residents with a variety of emergency notifications, including severe weather alerts!

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