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Veteran Recruitment

The City of Palm Coast is committed to successfully recruiting and onboarding talented and skilled veterans into the City’s workforce. The City recognizes the extensive training, experience, and transferrable skills gained through military service.

Welcome to the Veterans' Preference page, brought to you by the Human Resources Department at the City of Palm Coast. We are very thankful for your service, and we are pleased that you are considering employment with us.

Certain servicemembers and veterans, and the spouses and family members of such servicemembers and veterans, receive preference and priority, and certain servicemembers may be eligible to receive waivers for postsecondary educational requirements, in employment by the state and its political subdivisions and are encouraged to apply for the positions being filled.

The City of Palm Coast is committed to honoring the preference given by Florida law to U.S. Veterans, and the spouses and family members of Veterans, in appointment and retention in employment. We encourage eligible persons to apply for any open, qualified positions and pledge to comply with Veterans' preference guidelines when filling these positions. Please consider Human Resources a partner in your job search.

Veterans' Preference
The City of Palm Coast Veterans Recruitment Plan is to encourage individuals eligible for veterans’ preference in accordance with Section 295.07, Florida Statutes (F.S.), to seek employment opportunities with the City. This plan is designed to increase awareness among veterans of employment opportunities with the City.

Frequently Asked Questions

The City of Palm Coast uses a non-points based system; therefore, if an applicant qualifies for Veterans' Preference, preference is given at every step in the selection process. The eligible applicant who meets the qualifications, is shown preference by the guarantee of an interview. Veterans' Preference is not a guarantee of a job, as the final choice is based upon who the decision maker believes is the most qualified.

Refer to  295.07, Florida Statutes.

If one of the categories above is applicable to you, complete the following before midnight of the position closing date in order to claim Veterans' Preference:

  • Apply for an open position;
  • Answer "Yes" to the following question on each application you submit: "Are you claiming Veterans' Preference?"; and
  • Attach DD214 or equivalent documentation to your application; and
  • A Veteran must be discharged with nothing less than an Honorable discharge as indicated on the DD214 or equivalent documentation.

Working for the City of Palm Coast comes with a range of comprehensive benefits aimed at supporting employees' well-being and professional growth. These include health insurance for medical, dental, and vision needs, retirement plans, sick and vacation paid time off, and holidays. The City also provides opportunities for professional development, fostering career advancement and skill enhancement. 

For more information, visit the Human Resources page.

If you have questions or need assistance with the application process, please contact HR at or call 386-986-3718.

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