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Why is my water discolored?


Why is my water discolored?


The City of Palm Coast Utility Department utilizes two different treatment processes to treat the water for the Palm Coast community: lime softening and low-pressure reverse osmosis. Both treatment processes remove some of the color, but partial color can still remain. The treatment process removes approximately 75% of the calcium and some of the color. The finished water averages about 10 color units (the secondary standard for color is 15 units). This color is most noticeable in a large volume with a light-colored background such as a toilet, tub or pool.


The Utility Department attempts to minimize the color in the finished water by optimizing the treatment process, but during drought times and high demand periods higher color levels are unavoidable. The color in our drinking water is not a health hazard – it is strictly an aesthetic issue. The potable water serving the Palm Coast community meets all applicable Federal and State standards for drinking water and is perfectly safe to drink.