Financial Services

These are the services that are offered by the Finance Department.

Accounts Payable

Processes nearly 2,000 invoices monthly for City approved vendors

Contact Accounts Payable

Budget Services

Budgeting requires a direct link between department spending and the Strategic Action Plan (SAP), focusing on planning, tracking and reporting these results.

Budget Preparation

Business Tax

The Local Business Tax Receipt Division is responsible for the issuance of all Local Business Tax Receipts.

Business Tax

Utility Billing

Processes nearly 47,000 bills and payments monthly for the City owned water and sewer utility, solid waste services, and Stormwater management fees.

Utility Billing


The Procurement division is responsible for overseeing a decentralized purchasing system that reviews and processes purchase orders.

Procurement Division

Lien/Payoff Requests

The lien payoff request provides requestors with a complete list of fees and charges due on a property in order to have liens released

Lien/Payoff Request

General Billing

General Billing is responsible for invoicing and collecting payments for various billings. The department delivering the service is responsible for the computation of fees. Contact Customer Service of all General Billing Questions.

Real Estate Taxes

Ad Valorem taxes on real property are billed and collected by the Flagler County Tax Collector on an annual basis.

Flagler County Tax Collector

Truth in Millage (TRIM)

The Property Appraiser and staff are statutorily charged with placing fair market values on each property in Flagler County

Flagler County Property Appraiser
Customer Service
Customer Service Main Line

Lien/Payoff Request FAQ

What is the fee for a lien/payoff request?

The fee is $30 per request effective October 1, 2013.

How long will it take to receive the completed Lien/Payoff Request?

Please allow a minimum of three business days for a response. The response will include all current charges due the City of Palm Coast, including pending liens and additional anticipated charges through the date provided below.

Why is my payoff different than my current Utility bill?

The City of Palm Coast Utility charges are billed in arrears for your services therefore charges are estimated through the payoff date that is indicated on your request. Additionally, any outstanding Code Enforcement or Fire Mitigation bills will also be reflected in the payoff.

How do I get the lien released on my property?

Upon receipt of payment in full, a Lien Release will be sent to the Flagler County Clerk of the Court to be recorded. You can obtain a copy, once recorded, through their website. Please click here to access their website.

Is there an additional charge to have my Lien Release recorded?

No. The account was charged a fee when the initial lien was recorded that included the cost of releasing the lien as well.

What if I need more detail as to the nature of the charges on the payoff letter?

Please refer to the contact numbers on the payoff letter in order to request additional information.

It has been more than three business days, and I have not received a payoff letter. How do I check on the status of my request?

Email the Lien/Payoff Department at

Real Estate (Ad Valorem) Taxes

The purpose of the Truth in Millage (TRIM) law is to require full disclosure by taxing authorities to the taxpayers and to the general public of the rates and amount of taxes, prior to levying the taxes.