Volunteer Opportunities

The City of Palm Coast and Palm Coast Fire Department honor the fire service tradition by combining volunteer members with full-time career firefighters to protect our community. Palm Coast Volunteer Fire, Inc., a 501-C-3 nonprofit, supports volunteer firefighters with leadership, representation, and training. The organization aims to enhance member training and continue supporting community protection, remaining a vital part of our community.

Volunteer Firefighters
Firefighters – This program allows for experienced and non-experienced personnel to experience, in a safe manner, the work involved in the prevention and suppression of fires. Firefighters are responsible for responding to emergency situations and assisting in the control and resolution of the situation.
Fire Police
Fire Police – This program provides vital protection for emergency workers operating on or near the roadway, such as during vehicle fires and vehicle accidents. Fire police direct and calm traffic to maintain a safe area around the emergency scene. Fire police also provide safety for fire apparatus and hoses working at fires in residential areas.
Associate Members
Associate members – This program affords the citizens of our community the ability to contribute their talents and services to further the work of the Department. Many tasks include administrative duties, public education, and more
Firefighter Intern
Firefighter Intern – This program provides a path from volunteer to career firefighter positions. Through the program, interns receive training, participate in "ride alongs" with career staff, and begin to form a path into the career fire service. This program requires the candidate to commit to learning the skills necessary to become a career firefighter. It is expected that the candidate will enroll in the required educational programs to become a firefighter/EMT or Paramedic while volunteering. In return, the City will give employment preference to those that are participating in this program over other, external applicants.