Community Safety

The Palm Coast Fire Department promotes fire safety in this community. We give back to the community by offering our community outreach, home inspections and safety programs for all residents

What Is an ISO Rating?
By classifying communities' ability to suppress fires, ISO helps the communities evaluate their public fire-protection services. The program provides an objective, countrywide standard that helps fire departments in planning and budgeting for facilities, equipment, and training. And by securing lower fire insurance premiums for communities with better public protection, the PPC program provides incentives and rewards for communities that choose to improve their firefighting services.

Community Outreach

Palm Coast Fire Department offers American Heart Association Approved CPR and First Aid Training.  


1. All classes start @ 9:00am and are located at the **Palm Coast Community Center**, 305 Palm Coast Parkway NE.

2. The youngest age for which we can offer a course is 13.

3. A minimum of six persons is required for each course date. If fewer than six persons have registered, each person will be contacted to reschedule.

4. Please review the courses listed below. A list of dates follows each course description.

5. For further information on any of the courses, please contact

First Aid and CPR/AED (9am-4pm) (Cost - $50)

Heart Saver First Aid is a 7-hour classroom course that is designed to meet OSHA Regulations. The Healthcare Provider is a professional certification course.

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Heartsaver First Aid is a 7-hour classroom course (includes 1 hour for lunch) that is designed to meet OSHA regulations. The course teaches basic first aid skills such as:

  •  Giving CPR to an infant, young child, or an adult
  •  Using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  •  Using a mask or barrier device
  •  Stopping bleeding that can be seen
  •  Helping someone with a possible sprain or broken bone
  •  Making sure the scene is safe

Student workbook will be provided for student to use in the class and keep for further reference.

The 2024 dates for this course are as follows:

  • January 10, 2024
  • February 7, 2024
  • March 13, 2024
  • April 10, 2024
  • May 8, 2024
  • June 12, 2024
  • July 10, 2024
  • August 14, 2024
  • September 4, 2024
  • October 9, 2024
  • November 13, 2024
  • December 11, 2024

Healthcare Provider (9am-1:30pm) (Cost - $65)

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The Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers Course is designed to provide to a wide variety of healthcare professionals the ability to recognize several life-threatening emergencies, provide CPR, use an AED, and relieve choking in a safe, effective and timely manner.

Examples of those who may need this certification are as follows: EMS personnel, physician assistants, dentists, nurses, respiratory therapists and others who must have a credential (card) documenting successful completion of a CPR course.

The 4.5-hour course is video-based with instructor-led discussion and simulation. Students participate in, practice, and complete various skills and learning stations. We will provide a workbook for you to borrow during the course. If you wish to purchase a book prior to class, please make sure its the most current version (BLS Provider Manual AHA 2020 Guidelines).[](

The 2024 dates for this course are as follows:

  • March 20, 2024
  • June 19, 2024
  • September 18, 2024
  • December 18, 2024

Fire Department personnel who have been trained as car seat technicians will check to make sure car seats are installed properly and to the manufacturer and vehicle specifications. They will be able to instruct the parent/guardian on how to properly install the seat. City employees will not actually install the seats, but they will show the owners the proper steps.

Invite the Palm Coast Fire Department to your location, and they will conduct presentations on various topics tailored to your organization. The goal is to empower Palm Coast residents and visitors, ensuring that their homes and families are well-prepared and protected against fire risks.

The Palm Coast Fire Department offers its Safety Trailer for educational purposes to groups and large gatherings, aiming to provide children with crucial insights into home fire safety practices. This versatile trailer can be customized for either smoke or weather emergencies, guiding children on how to safely navigate such situations.


The Palm Coast Fire Department extends a warm invitation to visitors interested in exploring its fire stations. Tailored fire station tours are offered for various groups, including church groups, schools, social clubs, mom's groups, and other organizations. Each tour is personalized to cater to the specific age or grade level of the student group.

For those keen on experiencing a fire station tour at one of our facilities, kindly reach out to the Fire Administration by contacting us. We are eager to accommodate your request and schedule a tour that provides valuable insights into our operations and promotes fire safety awareness.

The Palm Coast Fire Department gives fire extinguisher demonstrations at special events or on request. Most of us have seen the red bottle sitting on the shelf or mounted to the wall, but we may not know the proper method of using them. With our mock fire apparatus we can create fires in a controlled situation that allow you to approach and extinguish the flames.

Fire extinguisher demonstrations are available for community groups and businesses. This valuable service will allow your group or employees to have hands-on experience at combating fires with fire extinguishers.

The City of Palm Coast Fire is proud to be a participating member of the National Safe Place Program. Safe Place is a designated location for children who may be experiencing difficulties in their life. These children may be runaways, abused, or just may simply be seeking assistance. For more information regarding the Safe Place program

The Palm Coast Fire Stations are registered Baby Drop Stations. In the event a mother gives birth and for whatever reason feels she cannot keep the child she can bring it to any Fire Station or Hospital and leave the "new born infant" with no questions asked and no repercussions to the parent. These are the only locations that he/she can drop a child without facing criminal charges. By law we are not allowed to ask any questions.