Utility Construction

When a water or sewer line is damaged or is leaking, these employees excavate and perform repairs followed by restoration of utility services and restoring roadways to their previous condition, which includes replacing damaged PEP tanks. The construction group provides for all utility construction, including water and wastewater. They currently install 2,500 per year along with new PEP tank installations of 740 per year, some services provided by qualified contractors.

They are also responsible for:

  • Sewer main / lateral repairs
  • PEP repairs and replacements
  • Manhole & Water main maintenance / Service & repairs
  • Reclaim system repairs
  • Lateral locates and extensions
  • Valve repairs / replacements
  • Water meter and service installs & retrofits
  • Meter pit repairs
  • Relocations of meter pits and service
  • Fire hydrant repairs
  • Inspection of new - post hydrant deletions
  • Road and sod repairs following utility work


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