Water Distribution

The City of Palm Coast Water Distribution Division has approximately 675 miles of water transmission lines, with the largest portion being within the city limits. The Water Distribution Division maintains and installs water lines, fire hydrants, isolation shut off valves, water meters and backflow prevention devices.

Water Maintenance

The City of Palm Coast's Water Maintenance Division performs all work orders issued by Customer Service, tests water meters for accuracy, performs Utility Final Inspections as part of the new construction process, and has certified technicians that perform tests and repairs to the city's backflow prevention devices.






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Meter Reading

The City of Palm Coast's Meter Reading group is responsible for accurately reading, recording, and reporting water and sewer meter readings to the Utility Department.  Each month, the department reads, on average, over 55,000 meters throughout the city.  The department must also inspect and maintain all meter-related equipment, troubleshoot any issues, and perform all necessary repairs to ensure that the meters operate correctly and accurately.











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Customer Service
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