Wastewater Treatment & Reuse

The City of Palm Coast personnel work daily to maintain these lines to ensure that your wastewater flows, either by gravity or pump, to the treatment facility to be cleaned and disinfected to a quality acceptable to be released into the environment. The City of Palm Coast owns two Wastewater Treatment Plants

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Wastewater treatment and disposal, as well as the utilization of valuable reclaimed water, has become a very important topic of discussion, especially in the State of Florida.  Using reclaimed water in communities can conserve traditional freshwater and dispose of wastewater in a responsible way.  Reclaimed water is thoroughly treated to remove any harmful bacteria or organisms, so it is safe to reuse for the purpose of irrigation.

Link to Reclaimed Water Map pdf

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater Treatment Plant #1

Wastewater Treatment Plant #1, located at 26 Utility Drive, was the first plant built in the late 1970s by ITT Corporation in Palm Coast.


Wastewater Treatment Plant #2

Wastewater Treatment Plant #2 is located at 400 Peavey Grade. This facility was constructed and placed online in 2018.


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