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What should I do if my neighbor keeps parking in swales?


What should I do if my neighbor keeps parking in swales?


Parking in the swales is prohibited between the hours of 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. If your neighbor is regularly parking in the swales during times that are prohibited, you can submit a case.

  • Additionally, it is prohibited and unlawful to park, locate, use or store a vehicle of any description on an undeveloped lot, parcel or unplatted land, except when otherwise lawfully permitted under the following For vehicles actively involved during daylight hours in construction, survey, repair, mowing, delivery or similar services on the lot or property on which the vehicle is parked
  • For emergency and governmental service vehicles, while in active service
  • On unplatted lands not posted by the owner, for recreational access during daylight hours only
  • For designated public or private parking areas authorized by the City
  • For trailers and mobile construction equipment parked on active and permitted construction sites.